Cross Border Delivery

Fast, reliable, paperless

mySendle is a dedicated cross border e-commerce company. Our platform is equipped with advanced sorting and scanning technology for a smooth and fast delivery to all European destination countries for all you last mile deliveries. The solution for your cross-border B2C and B2B e-commerce shipments. 

Last Mile Delivery

mySendle is your dedicated partner in providing fast and efficient daily last mile service including customs clearance and a smooth return process.

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Track & Trace

Obviously, you will want to know where your package is. mySendle offers an advanced track & trace system that always keeps you informed of the location of your shipment real-time. So that you can follow the journey step by step.

Webshop Integrations

Connect with our custom-made API integration or integrated webshop software to print last-mile labels on-site and track shipments 24/7.

Cost-effective and fast

Perhaps most importantly, mySendle works with competitive rates that are reliable and fast. We handle your package with care. 

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